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Financing Your Company: Six Key Issues from a Lawyer’s Perspective

Financing Your Company: Six Key Issues from a Lawyer’s Perspective By David Peteler Early stage businesses need financing to grow and succeed.  Depending on your stage of development, you may be looking for “friends and family” financing, an Angel round, or a Series A round.  While these different types of investors have their own investment requirements,…

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MedCity Engage Conference by Thompson Aderinkomi

MedCity Engage Experience by Thompson Aderinkomi RetraceHealth Founder and CEO Thompson Aderinkomi shares his experience from the MedCity engage conference from the perspective of a healthcare startup. I must admit, I was only at MedCity Engage for the first 5 hours. However, I had the benefit of being on a panel, so I got to…

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Make Change Possible by Ashley Boldin

Make Change Possible  by Ashley Boldin Ashley Boldin won’s raffle for a free ticket to Mayo Transform 2016        Earlier this month, I attended the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation’s Transform Conference — a multi-day event featuring some of the world’s most innovative minds sharing insights to transform our healthcare system. This year’s theme was…

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