2018 Featured Healthcare Innovation Projects in MN

Video recap can be found here. Special thanks to Sachin Mangalick and TECHdotMN.


Advanced Technology Collaborative at United Health Group

Who Presented: Charles Schaller, Director

Charlie discussed the potential impact of companies like Amazon and Google on the healthcare space and what United Healthcare is responding to the challenge.



Who Presented: Sam Moen

Works with you to provide the best employee healthcare experience.  Partnering with best-in class physicians and using evidence based medicine protocols.  We focus on the most efficient surgical and non-surgical experience.


Molly Fuller Design

Who Presented: Molly Fuller

Stylish weighted and compression garments for teens with autism and sensory processing needs.



Who Presented: Erik Reis

SHIFT is a program focused on creating brain based solutions for brain based problems in the office, at home, and thus, in your life. SHIFT is designed to connect cutting edge neuroscience with an integrative healthcare model to bring it into the workplace to optimize workplace performance, improve the quality of life of those who struggle with work/life balance, and create the productive lifestyle we have all dreamed of.


Post-Op Provisions

Who Presented: Deborah Nowak, MD

Post-Op Provisions sells surgeon-designed care packages for use at home following any procedure. Our boxes provide things patients didn’t know they’d need, probably don’t have, and might have trouble finding to make recovery from an ambulatory procedure easier. We have an online retail presence and also custom design packages for facilities/payers/practices.


Vida Health

Who Presented: Bryan Chen

Vida Health (vida.com) provides users a mobile-first platform that matches users with a personal health coach and evidence-based clinical programs, such as the diabetes prevention program (DPP), to help prevent, manage, and reverse various chronic and behavioral health conditions. Vida combines the power of personal trust-based human relationships, technology, and data to drive industry-leading engagement and outcomes. Vida serves employers, national payers, and providers.


Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

Who Presented: Gerry Greanery

Transform is the annual health care innovation conference that brings together decision makers, change agents, and stakeholders from around the world. We challenge assumptions, collaborate, and share results that catalyze change in the experience and delivery of health care.


Billiyo Health

Who Presented: Hassan Abdullahi

Billiyo is home health technology company, providing a complete suite of software solutions that ties together medical billing, charting, scheduling, time cards, clinical documentation, real-time communication and automation, empowering Home Healthcare providers with management and operational solutions to make lives thrive.


Home Monitoring for Assisted Living and Group Homes

Who Presented: Greg Thelen

Home monitoring of routine behavior can keep people out of the hospital and give piece of mind to family members. With mulipurpose technology, equipment can be inexpensive, passively obtained and can save health insurers lots of money.


Trak Fertility

Who Presented: Greg Sommer

We are helping men become dads. The Trak Male Fertility Testing System and Trak Mobile App empower men – the vastly underserved half of the fertility equation – to measure, track, and improve their sperm count at home to boost a couple’s chances of conception. Launched 1 year ago, Trak is now a #1 bestselling fertility device on Amazon and was named the #1 New At Home Health Test by Men’s Health Magazine in 2017.


North Labs

Who Presented: Collin Graves

We are a cloud engineering partner for healthcare organizations. Essentially, we help organizations migrate to the cloud, automate their IT infrastructure, and save upwards of 70% on their annual IT costs as a result. We only work in Healthcare IT.


Medical Alley Association

Who Presented: Frank Jaskulke, VP, Intelligence.

Discussed the continuing growth and strength of our Medical Alley community. Our region experienced a record breaking year for investment dollars for local companies.



Who Presented: Greg Guettler

At MetaLogics, our mission is to provide scientifically validated solutions to prevent and treat weight-related diseases – a problem that consumes $250 billion a year in healthcare expenses. But, without accurate personal metabolic data, clinicians currently do not have the information they need to create and manage an effective lifestyle plan. Our solution, Lume(TM) consists of a wearable device that precisely measures calorie expenditure, a weight-based algorithm that precisely measures calorie consumption by simply stepping on a scale, and a mobile app that provides the personal metabolic insight needed to improve health outcomes.



Who Presented: Sameer Kumar

HabitAware is a wearable device that brings awareness to Trichotillomania, Dermatillomania and other Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors, or BFRBs. Our “habit-tracker” helps people stop hair pulling, nail biting, and skin picking with a gentle vibration when a user is performing their undesirable behavior.



Who Presented: Katrina Anderson

ClinicianNexus is a tool that simplifies matching, communication and tracking of clinical rotations for nurse practitioner (NP) and physician assistant (PA) students.


MN Therapist Finder

Who Presented: Patrick Parker

MN Therapist Finder is an online directory that connects patient and therapist in as few of steps as possible.


Who Presented: Serge-Alain Wandji

It is excruciating for diaspora members to coordinate access to quality healthcare for their relatives in home countries. DiaspoCare is a Cloud-based mobile platform for diaspora sponsors to remotely control and pay for, quality healthcare for their family in home country. Remittances are secured on the blockchain.


MN Council of Health Plans

Who Presented: Jim Schowalter, President

The Council works to ensure all Minnesotans have access to affordable, high quality health care. We’re active in the areas of health care reform, community health and prevention, and health care data analysis.



Who Presented: Scott Snyder

We develop patented genetic tests to personalize medicine for each patient – which gets them better faster, and with less cost. Supported by clinical trial evidence & starting with high blood pressure.



Who Presented: Cathy Skinner

With the number of cancer survivors projected to be 18M in 2020, there is an unmet need to greatly improve cancer survivorship, equip employees to return to work faster, and reduce costs. THRIVORS offers a mobile-technology platform that has cancer-specific exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and community that empowers survivors to own their recovery.


Marbles App & Analytics

Who Presented: Adam Moen

Marbles Analytics offers universities, employers, and insurers a cost-effective mental health engagement solution. Our platform captures and displays real-time mental health trends of different populations of users. Organizations can use this data and platform to create more effective and targeted mental health interventions to improve health, performance, and engagement.

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  1. Neil Chudgar on March 5, 2018 at 11:09 pm

    Another terrific event. I left feeling awfully optimistic. Particularly striking: many of the entrepreneurs who presented had built businesses to solve *their own* problems — problems the existing health system wasn’t solving. Serge-Alain Wandji needed a way to help faraway loved ones get medical care, so he built a secure platform for doing it. Patrick Parker’s patients needed a better way of finding therapists, so he designed an interface. Molly Fuller needed sensory-friendly apparel, so she made it. The Kumars needed a solution for compulsive behaviors, so they build one. This kind of brilliant self-reliance is inspiring to witness, and it shows the big incumbent system-level players what meaningful change in health care will look like.

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