[Event Debrief] Twin Cities Startup Week

[Event Debrief] Twin Cities Startup Week

By all measures, Twin Cities Startup Week (TCSW) was a roaring success.  Hosting more than 120 events which attracted more than 10,000 attendees overall, the TCSW team set new benchmarks and created a solid working blueprint from which to replicate and build in 2018.  Thank you Minnesota for taking such great interest in, and taking care of, our vibrant startup initiatives and communities across the state! There’s something special happening here, and it is always exciting to learn from and listen to our great startup mentors and contributors.  Without events like this, we can’t bring attention to the innovation, draw the interest of investors or showcase the entrepreneurial leadership that is a natural element in Minnesota.

Healthcare.mn (Hmn) is proud to have been a stakeholder in TCSW in general, and specifically, to have lead the healthcare track development. Together, Hmn and local entrepreneurial communities designed healthcare programming which included seven events in total, hosting 1000 engaged attendees.  Signature events included the Change [Health] Pitch Event, Emerging Technology in Health Care and our 5 Year Anniversary party where more than 400 of our members learned more, made new connections and exchanged ideas.  Special thanks to the entire Healthcare.mn team for their time and efforts throughout the entire event planning and execution.

It cannot go without mention that if not for the full health track sponsorship from Allina Health, none of this would be possible.


A special thanks to the hosts of all events, but Hmn would like to recognize Impact Hub (host and content contributor) and Worrell for their generosity in supplying amazing environments for our guests.


Last, but never least, MentorMate continues to be a truly talented and trusted Hmn technology partner.  Many of our recap moments are provided by MentorMate via live streaming, photos and interviews.  Thanks especially to Ryan Pena and Sarah Rockholt as they dashed from event-to-event to capture it all for YOU!


If you were not able to attend this year’s TCSW, our partners have captured our signature healthcare events, as well as many other video moments from the entire week, across tracks.  Dig in and learn more!

Change [Health] Pitch Event:

The Change[Health] Pitch Competition, opened on Monday of Startup Week, as one of the first sold-out events at Impact Hub MSP. HabitAware won with the Keen bracelet, which tracks and redirects subconscious behaviors like nail biting or hair pulling. HabitAware’s founder announced that they would donate the $300 prize to TLC-Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors. – Impact Hub

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Speaker/Company Backgrounds                              

Emerging Technology and Health Care:

Hmn Co-organizer, Conner O’Brien sat down with three industry leaders from data, investment and software backgrounds to talk about emerging technologies and health care.  Instead of putting words in their mouths, you can hear this dynamic and insightful discussion for yourself.  A sold out house leaned in and put the panel to the test with intriguing questions coming from diverse perspectives.  See for yourself and watch the video.

Watch the Video

Don’t miss TCSW video moments from throughout the week across all tracks – compliments of MentorMate’s mastery of technology!



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  1. Tedd on November 22, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    I really enjoyed the events I attended. I am a VP in the healthcare technology space. I am transitioning from a startup but would like to find another one. It has become obvious that this will be a challenge without being known in the space. How do I start? Thanks

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