[Member Spotlight] Paul Hines, MD, MHI

[Member Spotlight] Paul Hines, MD, MHI

Meet Paul Hines, MD, MHI. Paul is the CEO of Dose Health, a Minnesota healthcare startup that marries novel product design and innovative technology to overcome the medication adherence barrier. More than 50% of people are non-adherent with their medication, which can lead to increasingly serious consequences.

The product: an easy-to-use, smart pillbox that provides accurate medication delivery by automatically dispensing medications paired with friendly reminders.

The technology: software designed to allow caregivers and healthcare providers to stay up to date on medication adherence with text, email, or phone notifications.Purpose


Paul is a medical doctor whose personal story influenced his entrepreneurial path.  While Paul was in medical school, he saw first-hand the burden that medication adherence put on patients and their families as well as the negative consequences of non-adherence.  During that time, he dealt with the declining health of his grandmother.  His aunt had assumed the role of caregiver and took on the responsibility of managing her medications.  Paul observed how his aunt struggled with making sure his grandmother took her medications on time and how it was making it difficult for her to live independently.  He saw these issues mirrored in hospitals with many patients being readmitted solely due to medication non-adherence issues.

The driving force for Dose Health is to give people the ability to live healthier, more independent lives by helping them take their medications on time, while also offering caregivers peace of mind.  To do this, Dose Health plans to be at the forefront of the push for cost-effective care.

Paul hopes to leverage Healthcare.mn to learn more about new innovations in healthcare.  He is always on the lookout for new ways to integrate into the healthcare system.

You May Not Know

It is relatively rare for physicians to leave practice to become entrepreneurs, however, after Paul finished medical school and began his residency, he realized he may be able to impact more people through Dose Health and decided to pursue that full-time.

Talk to Dr. Hines About

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Software and Hardware Dev
  • Internet Of Things
  • Medicine

Most Anticipated Health Innovations

Artificial Intelligence as a means for making clinical decisions. AI is going to revolutionize clinical decision-making.  It will have a significant impact on the roles healthcare providers have in the future.  For instance, Facebook can already identify any individual person’s face, which is not far away from or is even more advanced than identifying breast cancer cells on a pathology slide.  What happens when a computer is smart enough to make the best healthcare decisions, and do it for free?


Don’t be afraid to get started on an idea.  It’s better to do something than to wait because everything changes once you get moving.

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