[Event Debrief] Healthcare.mn & Graveti Fireside Chat – The Startup of You

[Event Debrief] Healthcare.mn & Graveti Fireside Chat – The Startup of You

Healthcare.mn and Graveti teamed up this month at Coco Uptown to lead a panel conversation entitled “The Startup of You” focused on keeping oneself sane and balanced through what can often be a lonely entrepreneurial journey.

Moderator: Brianna M. McCullough

Sarah Moe: Founder/CEO of Sleep Health Specialists, which provides sleep health education to the employees of local businesses and

Katrina Anderson: CEO and co-founder of ClinicianNexus. Katrina brings 4 years of experience working with clinical students and health system stakeholders to improve health professional education.

James Jones: Co-Founder and CEO of Spark DJ. He is a New Orleans native and Notre Dame Alum. Spark DJ, an app that uses artificial intelligence to DJ your party.

Brandon Jones: Brandon brings a down-to-earth and compassionate attitude to Mental Health. Brandon has practiced psychotherapy now for 3 years. He specializes in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

The conversation was varied and dynamic, featuring multiple viewpoints on key strategies to finding balance while driving your personal and professional goals.  Please take a moment to watch a great video recap from our media partner, MentorMate.

Key takeaways:

  • It is about happiness, whether it’s about trying something different, new hobby, it’s important to provide yourself exposure. Once you find your niche, that is where your happiness starts to increase.
  • Not having to “check boxes” was intriguing. Very interested in how the workplace could look if people were truly engaged.
  • If you are working for a corporation that doesn’t value you, and they don’t have a wellness program for you to invest in, then keep looking.
  • If you have a partner, schedule time with them to talk about work stuff – straight-forward discussions to download, it’s sort of like your own therapy session.
  • “Know yourself. Understand what you need each day to deal with the ups and downs.” Use your experience in your life as a way to navigate through the future. Recognize how you work through the problems AND the successes.
  • Social and emotional intelligence… have a support network in whatever field you’re in.. AND with those who have no idea what you do.
  • In this world, “saying no” is OKAY! Learning how to say no especially when it comes to your being overworked or exhausted is necessary.
  • SLEEP MORE! If you are feeling unhappy or unhealthy, having better sleep will improve all of that. Try something for a week and see what makes you feel better.
  • Before you embark on a big journey, take time to learn about yourself, reflect on your past, talk to people that know you best, ask questions about yourself, LOVE yourself.
  • Develop stress management plan that works for you, inform yourself as much as possible.

About Graveti:

This is a gathering of founders, community champions, hackers, designers and hustlers from underrepresented backgrounds, with an emphasis on people of color such as Latino/as and Blacks in tech and startups. Join us for a conversation on how to improve diversity and inclusion in the Twin Cities and supporting minorities in startups. Learn more

About MentorMate: Healthare.mn media partner

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