[Member Spotlight] Adam Moen

[Member Spotlight] Adam Moen

Meet Adam Moen. Adam serves as the CEO and Founder of Real EmPowerment Solutions, creator of Marbles. Adam is passionate about empowering the patient with tools to make positive mental and emotional change more accessible.

Adam has been connected to Healthcare.mn since inception and has enjoyed watching the evolution of the group.

Read more on Adam’s mission and experience in his words.


I don’t see anyone is taking a similar path to address mental health struggle. Minnesota, and the broader US, is experiencing an epidemic of mental health struggles, particularly with depression and anxiety. We want to be the front-end to the mental and emotional health system to help patients and consumers achieve the triple aim with mental health care.

You May Not Know

I’ve been leading a peer-to-peer support group every Tuesday night for the last 5 years for NAMIMN.org.

Talk to Adam About

  • Local organizations: MPR GenListen Board, NAMI MN
  • Hobbies: Skiing, yoga, fly fishing, gardening, hunting, volunteering

Most Anticipated Health Innovations

  • Eliminating unnecessary procedures and making incremental change extremely accessible to patients
  • The shift toward to rewarding value and empowering provider organizations to become risk-bearing entities


Choose a problem to solve that is very meaningful to you. You will likely be trying to solve it for a while!

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