[Member Spotlight] Molly Fuller

[Member Spotlight] Molly Fuller


Molly is a designer of experiences within the healthcare space. Most recently, she started her own business, mollyfuller.design, to create stylish and affordable compression shirts for teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She was the Director of Design for Harken Health and has worked hands-on with a variety of innovative projects in the healthcare industry. With vast experience in design, Molly has leveraged her skills to provide a better quality of life for people who need care. While at the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation, Molly worked on a projects ranging from a breast cancer decision iPad app to a chair to ease the discomfort felt during blood draws for pediatric patients. Helping people has been a passion of Molly’s and also explains why she pursued fashion and design.

Molly’s vision? Redesigning medical garments to make the them more accessible and comfortable. Molly’s work and ideas help her stand out as as a up-and-coming leader in the healthcare design space.

You May Not Know

Molly completed 6 internships before graduation. As a part of her program, she spent three months in Iceland designing jewelry. When she isn’t improving the aesthetic and functional quality of medical garments you can find her doodling or taking her fluffy samoyed for walks.

Talk to Molly About

Molly is forward thinking and driven to help others leveraging her design background.

  • Any type of hobby
  • Experience/Service Design
  • Creating a more inviting healthcare environment
  • Painting
  • UI/UX


“To change the world, it starts with one step. However small, first step is hardest of all.” — Dave Matthews Band.

What is the biggest opportunity for healthcare to embrace in the next 5 years?

Molly sees cognitive behavior techniques and the integration of behavioral health into everyday medicine as the largest opportunity areas for healthcare in the next five years.

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