[Member Spotlight] Sam Moen

[Member Spotlight] Sam Moen

Sam Moen | Startup Pitch Meeting


Sam leads the Element Consulting healthcare practice, which includes helping providers, payers and employers with value-based care, revenue cycle and emerging market solutions. Sam has been fortunate enough to partner with over 50 separate hospital organizations including some of the largest and most recognized in the country — Ascension, Intermountain, Stanford, Dignity Health, Cedars Sinai and most of the Twin Cities systems. Sam believes there couldn’t be a more exciting time in healthcare. Daily, he is committed to combining passionate subject matter experts with alternative care models of the future to design a new way of managing patient health and the expansion to many people as possible. He also remains focused on ensuring that model is reimbursable and sustainable.

You May Not Know

Sam and his family are committed to solving the challenges in healthcare. His father, a physician, leads the charge working with UnitedHealth Group’s Venture Fund serving as the board chair for two of their portfolio companies among many other leadership positions for other healthcare organizations. Adam, his brother, works for a healthcare start-up helping reduce the cost of some of the system’s most expensive patients in addition to solving the mental health crisis with his solution Marbles. Luke, his youngest brother, works for UnitedHealthcare and manages elements of reimbursement design around physician compensation. He brings a fresh perspective and data-driven approach to challenge today’s thinking. And the rock of the group is their mother, who focuses each of them on what matters in life and their own health with love and support. Family dinners quickly turn into healthcare whiteboard sessions.

Talk to Sam About

  • Downhill skiing
  • Alternative care models
  • The intersection between nutrition and healthcare
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Exploration of consciousness


First, read, there are many smart people out there figuring out how to navigate life’s daily hurdles. Second, when designing solutions, don’t be afraid to step into the mud and dig with the people actually doing the work, which means outside of the boardroom. The people on the ground know where the problems and solutions are. All of Sam’s best and most successful solutions have come from his work side-by-side with clinicians while they talk a patient through a surgery clinical risk assessment or a hospital employee having a conversation with a patient about how to handle their hospital bill.

What is the biggest opportunity for healthcare to embrace in the next 5 years?

The relationship between clinical/financial outcomes and the healthcare financial model will become very important in driving how we manage the health of individuals. Healthcare will move away from a transactional basis to health management. It is trending in that direction now however the financial models are lagging. The rise in costs is challenging these models and the tipping point is coming. Smart organizations are having conversations and even piloting new models today. Once a few of them work, the market will move fast and many organizations will be left behind.

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