[Member Spotlight] Conner O’Brien

[Member Spotlight] Conner O’Brien


Conner O’Brien is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Inspiration Medical Technology (IMT), which sells professional medical
equipment to regular consumers online. He began working at IMT as an intern while attending Minnesota State Mankato, and was hired full time after graduation. Within six months, Conner began to lead sales, marketing, and operations of the business, and in the last year he has helped double sales each quarter.

Conner also serves as an Ambassador at Hill Capital Corporation, an early stage subordinated debt fund which aims to connect local capital with local startups in Minnesota. They are currently wrapping their Initial Public Offering on Dec. 31st. Moving into the New Year, they will continue to work towards launching a $20 million regional investment fund.

Conner has always been passionate about building healthcare businesses because many of his family members work in the industry. He is particularly fascinated by precision medicine and the role of big data in healthcare.  You will see him at many startup and healthcare events around town because he appreciates opportunities to meet with the brave entrepreneurs taking on the most daunting challenges in the U.S. and witness creative ideas transform into real businesses.

Conner is also very willing to lend a helping hand. He has firsthand experience in the challenges of scaling a healthcare startup and has a foot in both the startup and private equity worlds — he is more than happy to help entrepreneurs navigate both.

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