[Member Spotlight] Katrina Anderson

[Member Spotlight] Katrina Anderson


Katrina Anderson is the CEO of ClinicianNexus. With increased reliance on nurse practitioner (NP) and physician assistant (PA) contributions to our future of healthcare system, clinical training sites and schools work are working diligently to fill this demand through education. ClinicianNexus is a tool that will help NP and PA students find and track their clinical rotations to ensure they graduate on time.

Katrina is motivated by people and relationships. She is passionate about health care because it is so driven by relationships and experiences that it can lead people to discover their purpose in life. She also loves learning about the health care system as a whole and what makes it tick.

How can the Healthcare.mn community best help Katrina? By becoming or finding Beta users! The app is live: https://app.cliniciannexus.com/. Please share it with anyone you know who educates or is in NP or PA school. They will receive an email to clarify the beta process.

Katrina is eager to offer Healthcare.mn members enthusiasm, making connections to the right people, and helping people move from idea to action. She is always up for meeting others and learning as much as possible about the people that make a difference in MN and the U.S. health care system.

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