[Member Spotlight] Wessam Sonbol

[Member Spotlight] Wessam Sonbol


With 17 years of experience in Life Science and Data Management, Wessam Sonbol brings a wealth of experience to his latest venture, Delve Health.

Recognizing that a great deal of physicians’ time is spent on reviewing irrelevant literature, Delve Health leverages natural language to dive deep into a variety of sources and find only the most pertinent information. Reviews that usually take days, now only last hours. They do this through two products:

Literature Review and Clinical Evaluation Report: A service that parses all digital information coming from publications, clinical trials, adverse events, fda.gov and (soon) patents, helping researchers, scientists and hospitals get more accurate information out of the expanding number of publications.

Study Pal: A mobile app that enables users to have quick access to the information that matters the most to them — such as patient guides, doctor training materials, or clinical protocol information.

Wessam’s passion for Delve Health stems from a simple notion — he knows that they are solving real issues that will help researchers and scientists conduct much better literature reviews, help doctors identify better treatment options, and improve patient experience through personalized prescriptions based on their gene type and disease conditions.

Delve Health launched in February of 2016, and currently has about 45 users across multiple organizations.

Wessam’s current needs are:

  1. Investment capital to accelerate growth and expand the team
  2. Connections to hospitals; researchers; and medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies
  3. Developers (for equity) based on interest and experience

Wessam can offer:

  1. Advice about working with or for Life Science companies
  2. Facilitated introductions to his contacts
  3. Mentorship for aspiring entrepreneurs

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