MedCity Engage Conference by Thompson Aderinkomi

MedCity Engage Experience

by Thompson Aderinkomi

RetraceHealth Founder and CEO Thompson Aderinkomi shares his experience from the MedCity engage conference from the perspective of a healthcare startup.

I must admit, I was only at MedCity Engage for the first 5 hours. However, I had the benefit of being on a panel, so I got to participate in the conference and see two different perspectives. First, as a panelist, you get the best of both worlds. You do not need to prepare a talk, but you do get exposure and people want to talk to you, which makes networking easier. After my panel, I was stormed by participants — more than I could speak with. I had great conversations and met some people who I had wanted to meet for a long time. Business cards were exchanged and selfies taken.

From the perspective of a participant I was a little surprised at how small the attendance was. In a way it was good since it was much moe intimate with only a few hundred people. You could see faces and mingle easier between sessions. There was a small area for startups to display their products and services. It did not seem like many people were engaging in that part of the conference.

From what I could gather, many of the people at the conference were mid level to VP level in their organizations and were looking for solutions or looking for customers — as one would expect at a conference.

All in all, it was a good and useful event for me even despite the short amount of time I was there.

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