[Event Debrief] October 2016: AI in Healthcare Watch Party

[Event Debrief] October 2016: AI in Healthcare Watch Party


A pleasant addition to our October lineup was the opportunity to collaborate with Healthcare.mn co-founder Pete Kane and his latest venture Silicon Valley AI (SV.AI. Given the interest in AI throughout the medical and health sciences space, we were happy partner with Code42 to provide the opportunity for interested Healthcare.mn members to watch a livestream of the event.

William Jack of Remedy Health described how he is taking his experience in plasma physics, finance, and computer science to create virtual primary care clinics — cutting out extra bloat from the healthcare system. Their AI performs patient interviews and creates a medical history (identified as one of the most powerful piece of information physicians gather), enables a concierge service that packages symptom interviews with a patient video, and translates from one language to another.

KC Chambundabongse from Optum’s Innovation R&D group (and a Healthcare.mn board member) gave a quick overview of the drive to focus on disruptive technology within larger healthcare companies. He focused primarily on the loads of data UHG processes and the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on improper protocols. He shared that he is excited by applications of AI to move the needle in predictive analytics, continuous data measurement, and precision medicine.

Riva Tez introduced her focused venture capital fund and research team, Permutation Ventures. They invest in the next generation of AI companies for impact, and advise companies on how to utilize AI. She noted that tools and platforms that allow researchers and scientists to make discoveries will be paramount to moving the needle in healthcare. Riva also shared that there is a huge opportunity to leverage AI in preventative interventions.

Replay the livestream or check out Marc Johnson’s summary of the event for more details!

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