[Event Debrief] September 2016: Twin Cities Startup Week

[Event Debrief] September 2016: Twin Cities Startup Week


Healthcare.mn organized the Healthcare Track of Twin Cities Startup Week (Sept 19-25), and hosted three events. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us and the Twin Cities startup community! We can’t wait until next year.

We collaborated with Crumb and ImpactHub to offer four “normal” people a chance to win prize money by presenting their innovative and impactful healthcare ideas
  • John Blaska presented Everspring Health — the response to the question, If we were to rebuild healthcare today, to meet the needs of today, what would it look like?
  • Dr. Darlene Fry presented “When Mama Can’t Love You” — a program at Irreducible Grace Foundation that assists African American youth in openly discussing mental health through a theatrical/mindfulness workshop.
  • Samba Fall presented the power of the healing drum circle (with audience participation!!) — an initiative of the Multicultural Kids Network to offer mindfulness and relaxation in a collaborative and community environment.
  • Adam Moen presented Marbles — an iOS and android app that offers free 24/7 mental health support at your fingertips to reflect, connect, achieve.

Our winner, Adam, took home $330 ($110 raised by the audience, and $220 matched by Healthcare.mn). When asked about the event, Adam said, “Crumb.Health was such a breath of fresh air. Being surrounded by people who want to help and are saying “yes…and” instead of “no” to my business ideas and plans was super refreshing. The cash which will go towards development costs of Marbles 2.0 dropping October 4th!”

Applying Startup Principles to Clinician Education
Troy Taubenheim guided a discussion with Katrina Anderson (Co-founder, ClinicianNexus), Paul Sufka, MD (Rheumatologist), Meghan Walsh, MD (HCMC), and Marisa Melander (NP student) to learn about the challenges facing clinician education, and more importantly solutions that are out there. The panelists agreed that a lack hands-on learning and focus on memorization were inhibiting education. We then learned how Meghan Walsh and team have transformed the orientation experience of residents at HCMC, and about theClinicianNexus-created platform for rotation matching.

Opportunities for Digital Health Startups in the “Third Wave” of the Internet
Ashley Boldin (Founder and CEO of Medication Health) presented how the differences between the second and third waves of the internet impact digital health startups through the lense of her experiences launching and building her own. The main takeaways are summarized in the photo below.

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