Make Change Possible by Ashley Boldin

Make Change Possible 
by Ashley Boldin
Ashley Boldin won’s raffle for a free ticket to Mayo Transform 2016
Earlier this month, I attended the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation’s Transform Conference — a multi-day event featuring some of the world’s most innovative minds sharing insights to transform our healthcare system. This year’s theme was “Make Change Possible”.

From the bold notion that analytics can actually crush innovation to pondering a world that didn’t demand answers and instead could be a little more curious, the speakers never fell short on getting the audience ‘psychophysiologically’ aroused (a new word that I learned to describe engagement). The audience even enjoyed a Dessa concert and an improv show from the Theater of Public Policy. Perhaps the most actionable concept for myself was learning about the “Quadruple Aim”, which introduces the health and wellness of the care team as an additional healthcare quality measure to consider.

Check out this video for a more complete summary of the event.

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